The Vice President for Administration and Business (VP-AB) maintains strategic oversight of the administrative resources and operations of the University to ensure effective delivery of services in support of the academic, teaching, and research activities, and achievement of the sustainability goals of the University. 

The wide spectrum of responsibilities of the VP-AB includes (but not limited to) the planning and management of manpower, finance, facilities, purchasing, business operations, health and safety, sustainability, and information systems. In this regard, the VP-AB directly oversees the operation of 9 administration and business offices, namely: 

     Campus Services Office;
     Campus Development Office;
     Campus Management Office;
     Finance Office;
     Health, Safety and Environment Office;
     Human Resources Office;
     Information Systems Office;
     Purchasing Office; and 
     Sustainability/Net-Zero Office.

As a key senior member of the University management, the VP-AB also serves on a range of committees, in the capacity as chairman or as member.